Shea butter has been topping the table for best materials for cosmetic industries lately. But the hegemony of Shea butter is under challenge from a very worthy contender! Illipe Butter!

Illipe Butter is extracted from Illipe Nut (a.k.a. Borneo Tallow Nut or Tengkawang in local language), a species of tree can only be found in Kalimantan rainforest. It is often confused with inferior product known as False Illipe (Shorea Macrophylla) that can be found ranging from Sri Lanka to Mexico. But Shorea Stenoptera can’t be found anywhere else. Kalimantan island is the one and only home to Shorea Stenoptera.

Buah Tengkawang / Tengkawang Seed

Pure Illipe Butter is more solid than Shea butter. It is also characterized by higher melting point than its counterparts making it a first choice for soap maker. But despite the higher melting point, Illipe oil will be perfectly absorbed when in contact with your skin.

Illipe butter is also an excellent material for lipsticks, lipbalms, and plethora of other solid and semi-solid beauty products. Another advantage of Illipe butter is the ability to restore and preserve moisture to your skin, making it also ideal material for moisturizing products like cream and lotions.

Here is the list of products which can be developed from Illipe Butter as quoted from Masarang :

  • Bar soaps.
  • Lip and body balms.
  • Creams and lotions.
  • Make-up foundations.
  • Face masks.
  • Sunscreens.
  • Hair conditioners.
  • Lip sticks and other stick type applications where a higher melting point is desired.

Illipe is so natural and harmless that 100% solution can be applied directly to your skin without any side-effects. Normally an amount of 3-100% will be used as material of choice during cosmetic production. Just like sha butter, a small amount of Illipe butter can last forever!

The price in Indonesia, which is much lower than Shea butter, will be another competitive edge for Illipe butter. Additionally, Illipe butter can be stored for a long time, ranging from 3 years minimum (yes, minimum) without refrigeration, to 5-7 years with refrigeration without losing its benefits and characteristics.

Mentega Shorea Stenoptera / Shorea Stenoptera’s Butter

Illipe is also an ethical product. By purchasing Illipe butter from, you contribute directly to the livelihood and welfare of the native Dayak tribe and the rainforest which is their ancestral home. You also help the conservation effort of Kalimantan rainforest which unfortunately, is deteriorating rapidly. Let us each do our part in the conservation of “The Lungs of the World”, the Kalimantan jungle.

Product Specification : Mentega Tengkawang / Illipe Butter

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Save our Jungle! Lestarikan hutan kita!

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Let’s join our effort in conserving Borneo’s Jungle!

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